Journeys Resorts Private Limited refund of money on cancellation of agreement


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On 18th Feb 2018 they called on their office. They brain wash me there and i agreed to take plan for 5 years by paying 90, 000/- by credit card.


Next day when i researched about them, i found cheated by them. So on 19th Feb 2018 i wrote mail to for cancellation of agreement wef from same date. Nor i had used their service till date.


I received auto mail with reference no. 1008739.


But till date i have not received my refund. When i call their customer care they said ” Sir it is on process, you will get refund shortly” neither they shared any deadline nor they transfer their line to seniors. They just said sir system show it on under process. even we do not know by when it will be close so we can not give deadline.


It is about 4th month now. But i am still chasing for refund. Had already shared bank details with them also.

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