Just Click Finance Limited — fraud loan company


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


A company named just click finance limited using someone’s cin number cin number – u67120mh1995ptc087599, for giving various kinds of loan.


Gst number – 27aaccb0774b1z4

(Registered under – bank of maharashtra)


I have applied for loan of 10000…

I did’nt know about this earlier, and transferred 1250 and 4000 as gst and security deposit)


But they want more 16750 for security purpose.


Then i searched cin on google

And found that it registered under some

“just art works private limited

Roc code roc-mumbai”

So i called them and told”please confirm if you somehow know this company”

And they confirmed that they don’t know just click finance limiter and not connected with them.

I have proof of their loan sanction forms.

Please take some legal steps.

Buddhadeb Dalui 5 years 0 Answers 205 views 0

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