Just Click Finance Limited — fraud loan company


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


An organization named simply click money constrained utilizing somebody’s cin number cin number – u67120mh1995ptc087599, for giving different sorts of advance.

Gst number – 27aaccb0774b1z4

(Enlisted under – bank of maharashtra)

I have connected for advance of 10000…

I did’nt think about this prior, and exchanged 1250 and 4000 as gst and security store)

Be that as it may, they need increasingly 16750 for security reason.

At that point I sought cin on google

What’s more, found that it enrolled under a few

“just works of art private constrained

Roc code roc-mumbai”

So I called them and told”please affirm on the off chance that you by one way or another know this organization”

What’s more, they affirmed that they don’t realize simply click money limiter and not associated with them.

I have verification of their credit authorize frames.

It would be ideal if you make some legitimate strides.

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