Karma Royal Resorts — Cheating innocent visitors coming to Goa


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By this piece of complaint I want to warn unsuspected travellers who waste their precious holiday time and are being cheated by this so called cheat comapny called Karma Royal Group.

The modus operandi is that travellers moving aroung Goa on Holidays are approached by their agents (whom they themself call kidnapper) giving lure of prize vouchers containg false promises on free stay, ipod, restaurant vounchers, boating trips etc. They convince the unsuspected travellers that they are just promoting their resorts and want to publicise the same by providing free stays etc. and would like to take them to show the resort .

Once the traveller who has come to Goa on holiday by spending money on travel and hotels etc. falls into their trap of free stay and other instant prizes to be given and agrees to come along with them, he is picked by the kidnapper and taken to their resort.

Once you are there, without any consideration their actors just start playing drama introducing different persons and you are made to sit with your entire family for listening their non-stop commentary on resorts, time share plans, how you are wasting your life without joing them and other type of brain washing exercises. After 2-3 hours of non stop commentaries by different digfferent persons they start presurrising you to agree to take their membership which costs 3-4 lakhs.

The real colous appear when you refuse to take that and asks for the prizes promised. Than comes some bouncer type persons in picture who would inform you that you are not entitled for any of the instant prizes and you should just take a voucher, which you obviously would not be able to use and leave.

If you demand your promised prize they imkeditaely start misbehaving.

By the time you learn your mistake you had already lost your one day for which you had paid money to your hotel and you had come so far away from your home to enjoy holidays.

Despite being aware of such cheats I myself became their victim when they assured me that I should just listen to their resort promotion for one hour and I would be provided free stay immediately after that, than and there.But when I demanded the assured prize I was told restaurent is closed, boat trip timings are over, free stay only with 2 months advance booking and like that. That bugger became so rude and abusive when I started protesting.

So beware of Karma Royal Group and its fraudsters moving around

You can imagine what kind of service this CHEAT KARMA ROYAL GROUP might be providing to its members.

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