Kesari Tours — refund of cancellation of flight tickets of manila (philippines)


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We had booked a Singapore tour WS041218/7 from 4th Dec, 2018 to 8th Dec, 2018 with the PSA in kalyan Kesari TRavelwingz located at Wayale Nagar, Near Mohan Heights, Kalyan (West). On enquiry I was informed that they will process the visa for Singapore as well as Manila(Phillipines) and hence after completion of the above said tour had asked for a deviation to Manila (Phillipines) from 09th Dec, 2018 to 20.01.2019. Inspite of providing proper documents as required, the application for visa to Manila (Phillipines) was not submitted by the Head Office to the Phillipines Consulate and non refundable flight tickets were purchased.


2.Repeated calls to your helpline number from 25th Oct, 2018 onwards and to the Kesari travelwingz met with no result except assurances that the visa will be processed. It was only on the 17th of November, 2018 we were informed that there is a shortage of number of days required for processing of the Phillipines visa.


As the Phillipines visa was not processed, we had to cancel our holiday to Manila (Phillipines) and the same was informed to the PSA Kesari Travelwingz on 20th Nov, 2018 & to refund me the flight tickets of Manila(Phillipines). However, I was informed by them that as the flight tickets purchased were very lowly priced, the same cannot be refunded. Due to this I have been submitted to unnecessary mental torture for no fault of mine.


I would like to know why were the non-refundable tickets to Manila(Phillipines) booked when the Phillipines visa was not processed.


In view of above, it is requested to refund the flight tickets to Manila (Phillipines) amounting to Rs. 36400/- at the earliest.

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