Likizo Services about fraud. likizo cheated us


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


By saying that i won lucky draw in exhibition held near khandeshwar station – likizo belapur consistently called me to come and collect gift. I denied that but still for 2 mths continuous call they made. So i visited on 27th may 2018 to likizo services office at times sqare belapur. They took 1lac 20 thousand by saying it will converted into emi. But they took all money at a time. We come to know by our bank.

On asking they told to convert it into emi. Processing fees will they refund later on. But now 6mths over they didn’t refunded single penny. So more 22000rs we lost. Totally fulled us for 1lac 42 thousand rupees.

Also there executives mr kedar told that we will get monthly 1000rs voucher for grossary and 1000rs voucher for petrol for next 5 yrs. One dinner every month. Events and much more. But didn’t get singled voucher.

Even told that 5 yr membership will be valid for 30 yrs but sent membership card with 5yr validity.

Now they are not responding to our call. Not giving prossessing amount.

I want my all money back. Our hard core earned money which is not to spend on company and there members like this who cheating common people’s like us.


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