Likizo Services likizo fraud company


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Membership no – lspsh1032, i paid 50, 000 from mastercard they commite America emi intrest paid by company uptill four months no any ammount get America, no any phone in operating, no any reply on mail therefore please facilitate America to come back our payment


On reviewing the corporate reviews on-line at completely different websites, there area unit heap several complaints against the practices of this company and quantity being debited in name only of emi. There are lawsuits current and firs against this company as mentioned by folks in reviews. I actually have been requesting tax invoice and payment receipt of rs. 50000/- since day-1, however until date they’re not able to share identical. 1st quantity is being debited by mis-guiding and more terms area unit modified to their convenience. Attaching pdf copy of all chain of mails shared with this company until date for your reference.


Request your facilitate for registration of grievance against the corporate to induce ME back my rs. 50000/- that are charged by mis-guiding for group action being swiped through my card and more mis-leading info for terms of membership. conjointly others is created privy to malafide intentions of the corporate and its senior management from being duped in future.

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