Likizo Services likizo services had to pay back my sum of rs 4000


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I recieved call that i got selected as a winner in lucky draw coupon which i filled at kahrgar reliance store and collect my gifts from there belapur office. When i went there on 10th aug 2018 at 12:30 pm they explained there promotional plans to me and i was forced to buy their offer. And when i requested them give some time and enquire about their plan they refused. And they forced us to buy their membership service for which i paid rs 5000 by using my hdfc debit card. This is how they fooled us. And fortunately my credit card could not work at that time, by which they are demanding some of rs 25000. But after i searched on google and facebook i came to know that it is a fraud company so i wanted to get my amout refund. And i started visiting their office at belapur for my refund. First they refused to pay saying that it is not refundable. But as per gov norms there is no such term called non-refundable, after lot of heated conversions he accepted to pay me through big bazar vouchers. So first he gave voucher of rs 1000 and told me that next month onward he be sending it to my residential address, which he never did. And again i started to visit their office for my money. Every time i visit office he usually give some arbitrary dates for vouchers and i usually visit after that dates again asking for vouchers. After visiting many times and again heated arguments he told me that he will refund my money by cash or cheque. So he made me write an application stating the cancellation of membership and refunding my remaining amount, which i did. He promised that money will be credited in my account by monday, which he promised on friday. But even after one month they have not refunded my money. Now they have sent me a mail that rs 1500 will be deducted as administrative charges. Now also i keep calling them, they do not receive my phone. So i had to use some one else phone to call these fraudsters. Please help me to recover my money from these fraud peoples

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    Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .



    I am conjointly a victim of same issue.
    Strict action ought to be taken against this company.I am reaching to submit AN Fri against them for cheating Maine.I need my a refund ASAP.

    Dinesh Chandanshive.
    CBD, Navi urban center

  1. Sorry it a private answer.

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