Magic Holidays cheating with customer


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


As on dated 14th Oct’18 I have purchased holiday plan with Rs 58100/- (100% payment done) for my wife, on the condition that the amount should be converted with 2 year EMI without interest through HDFC credit card and same was ensured to us by magic holiday team member during meeting at hotel Ginger, Indore (M.P)


But I would like to inform you that the amount is not converted into EMI, Now my credit card statement has been generated and the liability of amount has to be paid on 6th Of Nov’18; as I was already said during meeting at indore with magic holiday team that my budget is not allowing for payment in one shot so finally i requested to cancel this plan and asked them to arrange to send my money back or converted into EMI.


Still Magic holiday team response is awaited while i have reminder them more than 5 times

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