Mahindra And Mahindra — tuv 300/ I am complaining about service


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am very upset with your service providers and engineers they do check my vehicle but not able to resolve issue with, i had many time visit in mahindra service center in jaipur, rajasthan,

Issue 1. Getting some indigator lirght and accelarator not working because of this light.

Issue 2. Vehicle have extra sound like bold or some engine part with running vehicle.

Issue 3. When starts the engine it is vibrating too much during start.


With all issue i am suffering from 8 to 9 months and mechanic check the car but the are not able to resolve, i had more than 10 visits in service center.


Is this your services, if you can’t provide services properly then why you are existing in service part. I am very upset and angry now i am on the highway and getting those issue and just visited service center in vishwakarma industries area, k. S motors, jaipur.

B.shanker Katariya 5 years 0 Answers 218 views 0

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