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My Mother Pattathal has got a loan with an account no. XRESSLM00001902 from MAHINDRA RURAL HOUSING FINANCE LTD. We have done an pre closure before the 20 months of Loan ending date. Pre closure amount is Rs.1, 44, 483. Attur branch Manager has got Rs.1, 44, 483 from my mother by cash. But Rs.1, 40, 100 has been taken as returned loan amount and the remaining Rs.4000 has been taken by the manager as Write-off settlement and he has uploaded the cibil as Write-off settlement.


Then when I went to check the cibil only, I came to know that they have done updated the cibil score by Write-off settlement. This is a big mistake. The branch manager for his own benefit, he has done like this. Now we are in issue of cibil. Now you please correct the cibil. One thing manager has to pay Rs.4000 and update it or else I am ready to pay the amount also.


Please correct the cibil and update, Sir. On 19.12.2018 we have closed the account, Sir. But the Cibil has not be updated. Still it is showing due, Sir.


Please correct all the issues and update the cibil, Sir.

Ramesh Kuppudaiyar 5 years 0 Answers 171 views 0

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