Max Bupa liquid ecstasy bupa and policy bazaar time overwhelming service


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I bought liquid ecstasy bupa goactive arrange from policy bazaar. once for initial time i wished to avail the service to grasp the procedure for taking opd consultation service, i referred to as the toll free variety of liquid ecstasy bupa wherever though looking ahead to ten min i used to be not connected to the chief. Then i took the assistance of on-line chat of liquid ecstasy bupa, told my issue, they forwarded my variety to associate degree agent of the liquid ecstasy bupa, that person told Pine Tree State that since I actually have not bought the policy directly from the liquid ecstasy bupa, he will not be ready to facilitate Pine Tree State properly therefore i want to cancel my policy and directly purchase it from company which is able to price Pine Tree State rs 2000 a lot of. This doesn’t be to Pine Tree State, therefore i referred to as policybazaar to assist Pine Tree State in availing the opd service, i asked the chief to directly connect Pine Tree State to the liquid ecstasy bupa team of the policybazaar, she same that i want to inform her the difficulty initial then solely she will connect if required. I told that liquid ecstasy bupa team can higher apprehend the small print and can be ready to facilitate Pine Tree State however she insisted on telling the difficulty to her initial, i told her concerning my opd service and therefore the agent WHO asked Pine Tree State to cancel the policy, she told Pine Tree State to send a political candidate mail relating to this.

So at the tip, my purpose of fixing associate degree appointed for opd consultation, understanding the compensation procedure wasn’t consummated by each liquid ecstasy bupa and policybazaar, and this whole wasted quite two hours of my time.

This is the effort i featured just for obtaining opd, what’s going to happen if i used to be in associate degree emergency scenario, can i oscillate between liquid ecstasy bupa and policybazaar!!! And why I actually have to pay a lot of rs 2000 if i purchase the policy directly from the liquid ecstasy bupa. why the liquid ecstasy bupa web site connected Pine Tree State to such associate degree agent WHO was sitting in karolbagh (Delhi) and advising Pine Tree State to cancel the policy and pay a lot of rs 2000. i used to be not even certain if he was telling the reality or not.

I have asked the policy bazaar to cancel my policy that they’re going to deduct twenty fifth, in spite of this deduction i would like to cancel it. i’m not choosing liquid ecstasy bupa any longer and not for policybazaar.


There is even delay in process my cancellation request.

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