Municipal Corporation Of bigger Hyderabad i’m finishing regarding dogs that is in my street


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Dear Sir/Ma’am,




My name is Ashok


We have been bothered by the rise within the range of street dogs. they’re wild chasing the folks transportation garbage from dirt bin and eat in front of our store, that created my mother to wash every and each day, additionally they bring about flesh of animals like hen and goat it thus embarrassing to require flesh of animals as we tend to square measure brahmins we want to pay GHMC daily, as a humanity we predict is also they did these days however that does not stop their every and each day it’s not settle forable the least bit I sincerely request you to please intensify this šŸ˜­ i actually appreciate if you accept our requests on high priority, and that i would like I even have taken photos to indicate you as proof . Please send a dog van to catch them. I hope you perceive the case.


Thanks & Regards

Ashok Chowdhary

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