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My father is farmer at post nandur/khandala, tal-rahata, dist-ahmednagar, pin 423107. He is looking after our farms for last 40 years. We all stay in the same village for more than 80 years. We are sole owner of land under sr. No/gat no: 125 since last 22 yrs and the sat bara is by name of our family members since last 22 yrs, presently our 7/12 extract showing pending mutation no. 3833 which was not there on our sat bara, when we inquire the local talathi karyalai they have first failed to justify that how this entries are made without any intimation or notice to the us, when we repeatedly inquired with the talathi then we got to know that the local talathi is been bribed by the party whose names are mention in other rights of mutation 3833, this party is the stamp vendors/bond writers at rahata and shrirampur register offices, talathi has also clearly stated that she is been blackmailed and pressurized by mr. Nagarkar & group for this mutation entry, she has also stated that mr. Amol nagarkar has pressurized her by using names of tahasil officers mentioning that they are very close friend of him, such stamp vendors/bondwriter should be brought to book by the fact most of the villages people are fedup with such matters happening at talathi karyalai. Its not only illegal but also really painfull, we being the owner of land protest such kind of malpractice and request you take all appropriate action/detail enquiry against such stamp vendors & bond writers who are doing such mal practice. Your co-operation in bringing such acts to the notice of the officials of the department will be highly appreciated.

Sir with great and hope i m writing this application to you and will be waiting for positive reply and proper investigation of the matter

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