National Insurance Co. Ltd. — Mediclaim company not give support properly


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Sir i do hereby inform you that i soumya bhandari husband of ratna bhandari who appealed you for justice.

Sir i have a mediclaim policy of sum assured of rs. 100000 of each with no claim bonus rs. 25000 for each.

Now i am very sory to inform you that my wife smt. ratna bhandari was admitted on 25/10/2016 to nh narayana multi specialty hospital in howrah complaints with high grade fever with chills and rigor suspected uti (urinary tract infection) by doctor, in emergency department of hospital.

After that mediclaim section of hospital approach to genins india tpa under national insurance company limited for approval, and they gave approval of rs. 9000 initially.

Dated 28/10/2016 mediclaim section of hospital again send final claim of rs. 28088.30 but they send previous approval finally that is rs. 9000 only.


Now sir that is i am very astonished how it is possible.


My policy number is[protected] and policy effected from 13/04/2016 to 12/04/2017 customer name soumya bhandari

And claimant id no. gini[protected] named ratna bhandari.


Previously same with happened with me, a claim (under policy number was[protected] policy start date from 13th april 2015 to 12th april 2016) was denied by them with not a proper logic.

Ratna bhandari admitted at night of 29th december 2015 in emergency condition to nh multi specialty hospital andul howrah old westbank hospital


Regarding this issue earlier i inform to tpa genesis under national insurance but from narayana help desk i came to know they regret the cashless benefit issue, and also stated the clause no. 4.7 of national mediclaim policy, but sir i notice the clause no. 4.7 which provided by them where clearly mentioned only pregnancy but the disease diagnosis second degree pph


And i also inform them that after delivery she was discharge from nh narayana hospital on dated 20th november 2015 and she was admitted at night of 29th december 2015 in emergency condition to nh multispeciality hospital and the disease diagnosis second degree pph.

Regarding these two issue i request and expect a needful step from you, please give me proper justification sir.

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