Navi Mumbai Traffic Police charged the wrong Number e-challan


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Today i have got message of e-challan for Rs 200/-, But i have not drive my bike from 2 days, then also i have got e-challan fine, i have checked the photo of e-challan which the Traffic police has taken, but the photo of Bike is not my bike, Means that Police has taken the photo of bike and mention the wrong bike number which was my number and i have get fine as e-challan in my record. Please clear this e-challan from my record.. i have attach the bike photo in this Message which police has taken and My Bike no is MH43 BD 6832, My Complaint is, If we make small mistake we have to pay e-challan penalty, if Police make this mistake what is the fine for this.. also if police cant read and write, so what is the Penalty for this or only we have to pay Penalty for all, weather we are wrong or right… Please clearly and remove my penalty from my list as possible as..

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