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Sub: concerning cancellation of method of membership

Respected sir,

Myself amrutlal u. Patel, r/o deesa, gujarat, i used to be on a family tour to mount abu on 12/10/2018 once representatives of nirmiti resorts and clubs 1) adult male. Parag navare 2) adult male. Naveen American statet American state and justifyed American state regarding their vacation set up within which they didn’t explain me regarding

1) payment of 7000rs for weekly keep

2) exchange fees whereas mistreatment their related to resorts

These details i found in welcome kit given to American state by them when creating payment of 60000 rs in 2 components 45000 + 15000 on 12/10/2018.

After reading of these in welcome kit once I surf their web site when reaching home i found that each one the client reviews square measure against them. I actually have been cheated by them in variety of incomplete info and misguiding info.


After causation them this email they r even not responding in correct manner instead they’re disputation on decision..

Though I actually have not used any service from them in any kind… and that i m not member nevertheless… Membership is in method still not responding..


Total fraud individuals

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    looks like All the looser have to proceed with police complaint and take legal actions, lets form a group and fight together its our hard earned money.

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