Nirmiti Hotels, Clubs & Resorts fraud company and this company creating state name down.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


We were on a vacation to state at half dozen Gregorian calendar month 2018. There within the nirmiti cluster members referred to as up to their workplace and misguided US by providing all false data. Even maangers name is parag   and jyoti were giving false commitment for mercantilism up their membership..

I had listed for 3yrs membership associated created an lumpsome payment of rs 38500/- however later found that it is a fraud company.

I want an entire refund for the higher than fraud.

Every nirmiti Mainember is human activity me completely different details for the theme.

Need correct traction on this grievance


False commitments given :

we tend to square measure a family of five (2 adults three kids), the manager parag and jyoti communicated that we are able to take upto eight adults on the 7n/8d tour
i’m provided by a studio for our keep however as per our family size, we’d need a 2bhk accommodation
i used to be communicated that i will take my entire family on either domestic or international tour for 7n/8d tour and luxuriate in a lodge in nirmiti resorts or the other resorts avaluable beneath dae
i used to be communicated that this cluster can offer service right from pickup from field to dropping back at field which has all rubber-necking, parking expenses, breakfast, spa and every one connected amenities free in any of the resort we tend to choose.


All the higher than commutation was false.

It’s a fraud company. strictly missales their company to achieve members.


Some tricks used at state office:

This company play loud music in background is also as a result of they do not wish their customers to pay attention to them properly or is also it helps in miscommunicating their policy

Highly improfessional behavior.


The employee aren’t alert to their membership details.. anytime i’m human activity with ruchika at city contact variety   . i’m reaching to apprehend new data.


Really annoyed.

Hope any accountable person communicates back Maine with correct details.

Also if needed and that i feel cheated, i’d request for an entire refund desperately i would like a refund.

Hope we tend to all cheated person will go into client court for this fraud company and that we can even complent in state commercial enterprise for this fraud. This company going state name is down with this kind of activity.

Any one will

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    Nirmiti Hotels, Clubs & Resorts fraud company ! No one is really helping.

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