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Please do not ever take any membership of nirmiti. It is a fraud company. I took membership on 8th october 2017 and i cancelled my membership on next day itself. Since then the company people are fooling around by saying call our customer care and made me call many other staff members. None of them gave me any correct information. They are very unprofessional and cheaters!!! They are will block your numbers and all means to contact them. I have called these people so many times but no response at all. The name of the people are jayesh and aditya. Stay away from their fake promises and fraud sales method. They are running this business just to fool common people like us. They made me take membership fooling me stating that this offer is valid only for today so take the membership today only. Please do not believe these people because if you cancel you membership next day itself still they will not return your money. Ideally, they should be returning the money incase you cancel your membership within 24 hours (Which i did). Inspite, of this also they are behaving very bad and case of further clarification about this company . Stay away from this fraudulent company people and safaguard your money!!!

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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    they are not the only one i had met with a incident recently i was dealing with club magic holidays , they are fraud too lost all my expectations from them worst experience ever

  2. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    When I was booking hotel le pearl Goa via phone call they nirmiti resorts and club has said there is no room available at this movement than I thought it can happen but just for cross check we have visiting to le pearl Hotel Goa and enquiry about room so on that time they Said rooms are available. I was surprised how it can happen because few minute ago nirmiti resort and club said no rooms avaible but at reception desk they are saying they have vacant room. So now I can’t trust nirmiti resort company I have this nirmiti resort complaint
    But I also heard from my friends others company are also same like
    Club mahindra
    Sterling Holidays
    Magic holidays
    Ride travel club
    Great holiday club
    Country club
    World tourio
    And others company who is doing the same thing

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