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I had taken nirmiti membership on seventeen Dec 2018 and paid bureau one, 30, 000. they’d told among forty five days we tend to they’re going to update United States with our package however failed to get any response and their phone calls square measure closed. i believe I actually have been fooled and therefore the nirmiti management has taken my cash. Please facilitate United States to induce our a reimbursement.

I am making an attempt to decision the corporate since 2 month conjointly a employees United Nations agency oversubscribed United States this contract however no response from any aspect. I will currently see several complaints of this company and plenty of customers are fooled by this company.

Please facilitate United States to refund our cash it’s our humble request. It’s a large quantity for United States.


, مر مريم ريحن 5 years 0 Answers 234 views 0

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