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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Nirmiti resorts and club could be a fraud company robbery individuals in name only of membership for domestic and international resorts. Their client support team is extremely uncooperative, superiors square measure worst, their resort list isn’t as they steered and displayed at the time of inclusion in membership. They ne’er decision back for our queries. They ruined our planned trip on our planned holidays.

Their client care range and email square measure perpetually dynamical not giving their communicating address.


I have purchased three years membership for 45000/- agency in Apr, 2018 however because of their angle and behavior, i’m not capable to utilize any holidays.

Now i’m seeking refund, however they’re not responding.

There square measure many of us United Nations agency square measure ransacked by this fraud company.


So, kindly verify the matter and do needed.


– prashant jariwala, surat


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  1. Please briefly explain why you feel this answer should be reported .


    I too two-faced identical downside. I known as them on third day of my Booking and thanks to some reason I raise them to cancel my Mainembership however nobody offers me any reasonably info. I known as them nearly ten times however whenever {they just|they only|they Mainerely|they simply|they solely} provoke Name and told Maine that they’re going to contact me. Not even single person during this therefore known as cluster of Nimriti do have any reasonably info. stunning and Shameful at identical time. Even one in every of the employees members named as “Ajay” talked therefore showing bad manners and disconnected the Phone. this is often the type of service you promise to your customers. Its extremely extremely unsatisfying from therefore known as famous person.
    First learn the way to speak to your customers. My feedback is that they square measure solely sweet to you once they were convincing you to hitch their membership. i am positive they are doing identical to their membership homeowners, at the time of Booking.

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