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Good afternoon, my son sms from my mobile by scratch card and send and i recd call for couple invitation as per time slot prefer in rcity ghatkopar and sms code recd was r9. I had given 6 pm to 7 pm on 16/03/19. I had guide on phone that 45 minutes presentation and if not like there after gift voucher for 2n/3d for domestic and 3n/4d for international coupon will be gifted. There after in evening i recd call that gift voucher + snacks + movie tickets + snow world coupon will be hand over to us. I had reach at 6.10 pm with my wife. I had been guide step by step the presentation from ms pragna madem for 1 hours and 20 minutes there after mr abhishek came on desk. There after mr atul came on desk. There after mr apurva came on desk. All the above concern person excluding pragna madem forced me to take membership. The conversation end on 8.50 pm. I had been harassed and i had left with my wife without coupons as per commitment given by above staff. It very surprise me that the negotiation is so high on table that how customer can judge the bottom price of the membership during approx.2 hour and 45 minutes. I am been cfo working with fortpoint groups in automobiles industry from last 18 years.

I feel very bad experience specialy for club mahindra as a brand is working like this.

My humble request to the club mahindra that if they cannot afford the above commitment given to customer then please stop cheating the customer.

I been the customer will definately share the feed back in social media because i had left early office and attend presentation 2 hr 45 minutes instead of 45 minutes and left the office feeling insult and cheated.

Only i was sitting around 8.30 pm and staff were around 10 to 12 persons. That mean that all the above staff r only kept for harasing the customer by hook or crook and best part of the presentation was that the membership related conversation start only after 2 hour presenation. That mean customer is not aware that how all will come one by one for presentation and harased to us. I. E. Stop begging the membership to customer to customer beacuse club mahindra is itself brand and i thing should lose the tag in market.

I can also complaint and lodge fir in police station because i had all recording in my cell phone.

But i thought it will spoil the reputation and waste of time of my.

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