Olymp Trade I didn’t revisit my cash from olymp trade account


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I, bijayashree sahu, registered in olymp trade with account no.[protected]usd by deposit of 30$ victimization email id – bijayashree30@gmail.com. I even have requested AN withdraw of usd45 from this commerce account. it had been approved however i didn’t get cash in my checking account however. I had sent mail them concerning this issue, however they replied they paid this quantity by card pay entry and therefore the payout dealing numbers is

Rnn:[protected] for 45$ and adviced Pine Tree State to contact my bank. I did that, however my bank refused regarding any remission of usd forty five in my account. I even have connected all supporting documents together with my speech communication with them to the present complain. Please facilitate Pine Tree State during this matter


With thanks

Bijayashree sahu

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