Omni Hotel And Resorts — is this fake or real kindly tell me guys


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I received the hard copies of your documents from the management of omni hotel & resorts company in united state of america. Concerning your visa processing in my office; here contain the details and what you need to obtain the three years renewable working permit visa.1 your original international passport copies front page and the back page and if you don’t have passport leave the space in blank.2 the printout of the attached visa form will be filling by you fill the column which you understand and any column that you did not understand just leave it in blank.3 two passport photograph.4 visa processing fees 40, 000 india rupees.We had deliberately issue out the visa application form because they are the important information needed to complete the process, omni hotel & resorts company in united state of america. Has given proper information concerning the require interview for the process due to the company recommendation on your behalf, the visa form document is attached to this mail and you should fill it and scan it back along with your original international passport and immediately you are ready for your visa payment kindly give me a call and i will send the information detail to deposit the money to you and you will send your payment slip along with your filled visa form, and when your visa is ready after 10 working days you will receive a column invitation letter to come down to the office with your documents and payment receipt for your visa stamp.

Note: if any of your family members is also traveling along with you then you need to send their document (Scan passport copy and size photograph) and separate visa form has to be filling by them and each candidate will response for his visa fee charges.


Hon. Edgard d kagan.

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