Oriental Insurance Company claim not passed of claim no. 17927050, amt. 1, 47, 487/-


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I am holding oriental insurance policy through punjab national bank. As i am suffering from breast cancer and treatment is been taking in bharat cancer hospital, mysore. This is clear case but medi assist refuse to pay the claim amt., and mr. Govindswamy, from oriental insurance is not obliging to settle the claim. As the treatment giving to me will come under insurance payable. I herewith send details of my claim.

As i had a telephonic talk with madam jayanthi, i am sending the doctors rectified summary report which has

Been mailed to medi assist and they have informed to enquire the insurance people to go through it and reopen the claim.

Please sir as i am having financial problem and have to take still chemotherapy in need of money pl. Do the needfull.

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