Payme India — misbehavior of the executive


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Hey group,

I have recorded a lawful objection against PayMe India pvt Ltd.

I took momentary advance from PayMe India however because of money related challenges I paid it minimal late.

Presently, their official Mr. Rahul has called my companion and his relatives and manhandled them. Undoubtedly he lied that I gave him their no and requested that he call them.

Additionally, he called my dad as extortion who is no more with me.

He acknowledge every one of these things over call while taking to me that he lied and manhandled my folks.

I have to make solid lawful move against them and make them show a thing or two for the error they did.

I need an individual expression of remorse call to my companions family and even to me alongside remuneration.

Appending voice recording for better understanding.

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