Paytm Mobile Solutions false charge of penalty on prepaid due by paytm.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have created a buying deal from paytm of rs 347 on 5-5-19. once obtaining the delivery by 12-5-19 item was found to be wrong and that i was willing to come back the item however system was showing it as not delivered. therefore wasn’t able to build come back. Once the point in time of delivery passed I even have initiated for come back within the month of could solely. however person visited on 14-6-19. until the time because it was purchased victimisation prepaid facility the bill generated, and in spite of my continous reminders for come back folks from paytm aspect delayed the dealings deliberately. because it was a come back and payment was to be done by paytm itself i did not paid the bill. anon complaintive paytm removed the due quantity however once continuos delay from there finish that light-emitting diode to penalty on the due quantity. currently the folks from client care don’t seem to be removing the penalty and on raising queries they’re closing the question stating to browse the bill sent on email and sms and if not paid legal proceeding are going to be taken.


Please justify that penalty on false bill will be legal? If even ₹72 isn’t Brobdingnagian quantity to be paid.


Such height in services of paytm can certainly lead complete & trust demolition among plenty. Mine is already broken.


Please reply as an alternative send American state legal notice can certainly meet your legal folks within the court with my capability.



Abhinaw chaturvedi

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