Paytm quantity subtracted by zomato from my paytm notecase by deceitful means. no response even when registering criticism.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have been unendingly targeted four times during a row. 

There is Associate in Nursing unknown/ unauthorized group action made up of my Paytm notecase by Zomato, wherever totaling approx. Rs2, 188 has been subtracted from the past three months. while not truly ordering something from Zomato.

I feel thus insecure when been stealing by such a giant trustworthy  digital platform like Paytm and Zomato. 

But sadly, no help/ response is been provided until date by either Paytm or Zomato. 

My Paytm criticism no. is  .

Zomato doesn’t even trouble to possess an honest client care range wherever I might even register my criticism.

I want my hard-earned a reimbursement, or I shall additional attend client court and social media to hunt justice.

Dheeraj Bhullar 5 years 0 Answers 221 views 0

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