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Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Hi Team,


The order that i received was ne’er placed by Maine.

Last week i received a parcel on my name, i accepted it thinking my friends/family would have sent it on behalf of me.

When i inquired with them- none of them did.


i known as the client care and inquired concerning the order to that they replied that they can’t share the main points except the name-Sameer Ansari

i requested them to atleast lodge a criticism against this person since i don’t understand anyone named SameerAnsari or pass his range & details to Maine so I will file a criticism against him- They failed to did either of them.


i live alone with my girl here and somebody whom i don’t understand is causing Maine some rubbish things. the primary one i accepted by mistake and also the second parcel i ne’er collected from my guard thinking what else might be there.


i urge you to please take this matter seriously before any mishappening.


Thanks & Regards,


Neha Sehgal 5 years 0 Answers 224 views 0

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