PMEGP — Arakkonam ramesh is doing some fraud works


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


3 month before I paid some amount for PMEGP loan, I paid that amount to Mr.Ramesh Account. Finally he cheated my amount and also he had rejected my Loan projects etc..Totally he was wasting my time. Hereafter please anybody don’t trust that person & And don’t pay any amount. Some times he will be using different names like kamal singh and kamal choudhari please don’t believe him..Basically he is a No.1 fraud in Arakkonam.


His activities is below mentioned :

At first time he will ask our address proof with pancard,photos etc…(through mail)
He will ask some amount for “Paper work”
He will ask 50 – 100k for loan sanction.
Finally he will tell that “your loan is cancelled by Loan officer”.

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