Policy Bazaar i’m fretful concerning policy bazaar insurance that I actually have created payment however no insurance has been provided


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I have obtain a insurance through policy bazaar in religare by contacting to miss puja garg govt of policy bazaar and he or she tell ME that i will created payment in intervals therefore I actually have foremost paid rs.5000 and rs.3387 subsequently and with insurance I actually have conjointly take add on services of cancer arrange of Aditya birla whereas once doing the payment miss pooja garg tell ME that rs. 5000 is reached to religare however rs. 3387 has paid to Aditya birla cancer arrange and policy isn’t are done which is why she told that she had processed the mail so as to cancel my Aditya birla cancer arrange and can refund rs.3387 into my account however it’s been quite seven days still currently no refund has been initiated. therefore it’s my humble request before your kind finish to seem into the matter and supply ME answer at the earliest.

My policy bazzar reference no. Is      

Order no is. – pb8256056

The company of policy bazaar is found at Indian capital.

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