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I bought a pair of same kid set up for my twince boys from your sales government nitin and he did an enormous mistake on payment term and policy term for my policy no. 21271795. He mentioned payment term monthly in situ of yearly of quantity 30000/-rs and conjointly policy term eighteen years in situ of eleven years. My another policy no. 21271663 is same as i planned and there’s no mistake. I bought each plans on an equivalent decision created by nitin and did payment at an equivalent time. this is often a awfully huge mistake created by your sales government and it’s huge loss on behalf of me. I conjointly hooked up premium payment receipt for each of policies. Nitin (Sales executive) told Pine Tree State that this is often technical fault and it’ll resolve inside 10-15 days however that is ne’er happened. currently he’s not responsive my telephone call and his contact variety is    (Nitin).

Please try and perceive wherever is that the issue and resolve this issue as before long as potential.


Thank you.

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