Policy Bazaar non refund of premium paid (refund pending: id


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I tried to buy a motorbike insurance from policy bazaar. The dealing was failing and that i received message that the quantity are came back to my account. Then i purchased bike insurance in ordinal time. however i used to be stunned that they issued each a pair of insurances. Then i complained this to policy bazaar and that they told that they’ll come back one policy paid premium quantity. 


Then the most play starts. Every week, i’m obtaining emails from policy bazaar that “we would really like to tell you that we tend to have gotten checked this case with the involved team and can share Associate in Nursing update by… Date”. Once they sent one email that they transferred the quantity into my account. i would like to visualize with bank. Then I even have shared my financial statement. currently once more standard emails area unit returning {every we tend toek|hebdomadally|weekly|each week} that we area unit checking with involved team.


This is thus irritating and wicked to visualize an equivalent emails. That mean, once you pay to policy bazaar although it’s not your error additionally, they’ll ne’er come back it back to you. I guess, it should happened that the quantity is enjoyed by any of the worker of policy bazaar.

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