Priority International Holiday Club Pvt. Ltd. — Fraud, Fake promises to members, No service at all, Ignorant


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I have got the membership of Priority International Holiday Club Pvt. Ltd. in Pune at their office in Season’s mall. During the interaction we have been promised for exquisite services for Holidays against membership with this company. They have got brochures in which various 5 star properties all across the world which are mentioned (with pictures) and this company claims to be their outright partners to avail the accommodation in these properties during holidays of members. They also promised us to give us discounts upto 40% on return flight tickets for holidays destination.


We have taken the membership in 2014 by paying up amount of 150, 000 INR and have got our membership PIPU#14*6. Since from then, we are getting absolutely poor services from this company. When we requested the company to book the property for our vacation, they have given us choice of pathetic hotels. Upon arguing with the customer service (Cust. care no.[protected] they have straight way told us that they cannot give any 5 star properties. Also, we have got a joining voucher for 5 nights stay which we wanted to redeem and have accordingly requested the customer care again but to my pity they have given us lodges and guest houses to stay.


In addition, they have straightway ignored for any discount to be given on flights booking. I feel absolutely cheated by becoming member with this company. I strongly request Consumer complaint Forum to look in to my complaint (as I found there are several such complaints are lodged against this company). Being a citizen of the country where we actively paying taxes to get benefits from government, we really expect Government’s interference against these frauds and get the justification done.


I high hope, I am writing this to consumer forum and hope that my query would get resolved. Please take immediate action on my complaint and ask the company either to refund my entire membership amount of 150, 000 INR or provide properties of 5 star resorts for vacations. They should adhere to their promises.

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