Priority International Holiday Club Pvt Ltd — Priority international cheating customer by the name of providing holiday


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Priority international holiday is a fraud company they are cheating by giving all false statement they have 5 star hotel tie up in all over world biggest tie they give.

From pihcl parvez sayed [protected] & rajat khandera [protected] whre the person who has forced me to swipe my card & all false commitment given.

Every month they told you will get the dinner coupon & summercamp given to your child which was fully false statement given to me.

Bharat from priority international & navimumbai full team are cheater this priority international holidays are one of the fraud company in india,

I came under there scam almost i put rs 95000 they are not ready to refund the same also not responding my mails.

I have given complaint against them at apmc police station also give application on kharghar mall not to allow priority guys to fill the coupons.


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