Pure Vine Loan Company — Loan cheating


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Pure vine loan company /subsidiaryofsunloan1860@Gmail.com don’t trust this company anymore.I’ll try to take a loan from this company they cheat me.first they told to you that u don’t want to pay anything there is no hidden procedures.after you submit the loan letter, they ask you pay registration fees as 7250, with the name of jayaram muniyappa, Delhi through western union u have to contact phone NO +91 [protected]

Then next procedure u hv to pay 65000 as security and 13500 as transfer fees with the name of hari.if you pay u lost your money.Don’t trust this company any manner.

I’m a victim for this before the money transfer they will call you and mail you each and every minute after the pay they won’t take your call won’t reply your mail.So please brother don’t try this

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