Quick Heal General Insurance & Aarvi Insurance Brokers (p.) Ltd.


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


This is against Claim No: 6001070380


I bought an mobile insurance from quick heal, when contacted i was instructed to contact aarvi insurance whom quick heal have appointed as broker for the settlement of claim.


”Even after approval of claim” Its been long that my claim towards the damage of mobile is not getting settled by Aarvi Insurance brokers (P.) Ltd.

they are unprofessional, people who sits in their call center are irresponsible, they behavior is lagging and they don’t care towards the settlement of genuine claim.


Quick heal is busy in giving advertisement but not bother to look whether proper service is getting provided to the customer or not.


Pathetic is the word for quick heal.

AMIT KUMAR 5 years 0 Answers 255 views 0

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