RBL Bank — payment made but not closed the loans requested


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I Dharani Kowsalyaraman hold a money tap credit card from October 2018, i took a loan amount of 30, 000 rs and 55000 rs on different dates in the month of Oct. I paid the first EMI due on Nov 13th. I called the customer care on 11th Dec and told her i want to close the loans i.e. 55000 and 30000 and asked her what is the procedure and closure charges. She checked and told me, i need to pay 71, 459.34 rs for this, which i did the same day.

I again took a loan for 50000 rs on 10th Dec. When i received the statement on Dec 22nd, it showed an amount of Rs. 29, 582.35 as due amount. i again called the executives and gave all the details again and got to know that the closure request was not raised. I was shocked to know this and inspite of paying the amount before the due date, i dont understand why it was not closed nor intimated to me.


Again i called on Jan 2, gave all the explanation from the beginning and he said it was not raised for closure and he will raise now and he also gave me closure receipt no[protected] for Rs 30, 000 and 05550609 for Rs 50000)


Again to my surprise, i received this months statement saying amount due is Rs. 28, 841.59.


I just want to know, what is all these, is this the service you are giving the customer or are you fooling the customer with unreasonable charges.


According to me i have paid 71, 459.34 on 11th Dec itself to close my loans by which i would have had only one loan for a amount of 55000 now. I am not going to pay any amount going forward until i get clarification on all these.


Infact, i told the executive, dont tell me that the amount of 71, 459.34 is being used to pay the due amount every month.


Now when i call the customer care, they are saying only Rs 50000 loan has been closed and they adjusted the remaining amount to the January due pay. I want to know with whose permission you did this. Did you inform me about this?.


There is different version of amount in e-statement, app and in the site. This fully shows how you manage the customer and their money.



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