Ride Travel Club D Block Sector a pair of Noida 201301 U. P., India. package amendment once submitting advance cash


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Ride travel club is fraud company. they need book my package for andaman nicobar for rs. 26, 000 for all booking and submitting the advance cash they alter my package to rs. 13, 000 per person gst conjointly while not giving ME info. Their services aren’t sensible conjointly. Their employees don’t understand the packages and that they solely wish to book the package and once booking and submitting the advance cash they raise the shoppers to grant {more cash|extra money|more cash} otherwise they cancel your booking and not refunding your all money.

They book my package for rs. 26, 000 & flight charges rs. 46, 000 for four adults and three youngsters. I submit rs. 57, 000 for flight and 1/2 package quantity beforehand however they don’t book my flight price ticket and inquire from me to grant more cash. i used to be all feeling con artist. I same them to refund my flight booking quantity however they told ME to refund that once deduction of twenty third and once twenty one days however at their web site they mention that “ the eighteen deduction is that the deduction of cancellation charge of the tour package.” finally i had to book with them in thirteen, 000 per person however their services aren’t sensible. I actually have their decision recordings and emails. i’ll use that in client court against ride travel club.

Please don’t book with ride travel club d block sector a pair of noida 201301 u. P., india.

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