Ride Travel Club dishonest practices


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


This has been such a nasty expertise with Pine Tree State concerning ride travel club that’s atrocious.

I have engaged package to gladiator and nainital two months past however i’m unendingly being harrassed by hardik rathi as he created false committments with Pine Tree State. He created this trip a disaster and ever since i engaged letter package i’m being tortured by thia team. I reportable the behaviiur of hardik rathi several time to senior folks (Varsha, virat mishra) and made proof of recording with hardik however no significany action has been taken. To the worst of my miseries hardik these days refused all his committment and that i am being asked to supply proof of my communication with hardik. nobody is penalising him fir his false cimmittment however i’m the one WHO American state being asked to pay further quantity every day before my visit.

Hardik not solely convinced Pine Tree State that no high season charges {are|ar|area unit|square Pine Tree Stateasure} owed towards me however despite my request he failed to take away high season charges purpose from my package spoken communication “sir package mein aise hi likhna padta hai par aap pareshan metallic element metal aapse ye nahi charge kiya jaayega” (Audio sent to seniors many times). I even have told varsha, virat mishra sir many times and sent them sound recording when hardik misbehaved with Pine Tree State spoken communication “agar two din mein confirmation chahiye to package cancel kara lo” or “20, 000 mein aap kya sochte metal aapko reaort mil jaayega?” (Recording sent to varsha and virat sir that point only).


I mentioned high season charges and tac even before paying five hundredth of the booking quantity with hardik and ankur however i used to be invariably unbroken in dark with some sick intentions.


Today on 29-05-19 i’m being asked to pay high season charges and hardik refused on his committment spoken communication “i ne’er aforementioned thus and appearance at your package”.

I am in a very such unhealthy scenario

I am not given full confirmation of my package and being asked to pay additional quantity in high season head”.


I am being pestered rigjt from day one of my booking by hardik and that i am facing his mis behaviour unendingly.


Am i actually a client to the corporate or I even have taken some loan that I even have to repay.

Hotel confirmations were conjointly given with an excessive amount of of issues by hardik and once terribly while and solely once full payment otherwise i used to be given only one building confirmation and was asked to attend until thirty one might by hardik arrogantly saying” aapki visit se pehle aapko confirmation mil jaayenge”.


This is very height of everything and my visit is regular on one Gregorian calendar month 2019 and these days is twenty nine Gregorian calendar month 2019, 22:20 pm.


Is there anyone during this company WHO works on words and not false committments?


Kindly facilitate as i’m below vast stress attributable to this extremely unprofessional  angle exhibited by hardik rathi and team. They tell a lie or dont take any action and {are|ar|area unit|square Pine Tree Stateasure} enjoying creating fool of individuals like me.

I would hate to influence this company ever in my life.

Help Pine Tree State if anyone will.

Writing in sheer frustation and disappointment.



Sharad bisaria


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