Ride Travel Club fraud agency


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I was purchased one package i explained my budget is around 15k they show me 18k budget, i was improved my budget, and i was ready with ride travel club and i was paid 50% payment around 9500/- after i got call through ride travel club and they told me your remaining amount is 21000/- first u pay i will confirm your package, i was asking them how could i have to pay 21000/- my budget cost is 18k that time they gave me explanation, 5000/- your travel agency charge, 4000/- season charge and around 3000/- your package gst 18%and remaining amount is 9500/- is also, so o er all cost is 21000/- that time i request them my budget is 15k to i improve 18k so how can i pay remaining amount, they told me either u can pay or cancel your package


If u cancel your package your amount is non refundable.


So pl my request to all of u don’t go with them (Ride travel club)


Ride travel club is fraudad travel agency so pl pl don’t book your package with them

Dhaval Thorat 5 years 0 Answers 244 views 0

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