Royal Enfield — dealership denied sales of spareparts


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I am owner of a Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 500cc 2017 model.


I needed few spare parts for my motorcycle mainly Chain-Sprocket kit. I went to Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh dealership of Royal Enfield to buy my requirements. They denied me to give the required spare parts. There argument was they do not entertain counter-sales for the spare parts. A customer can only buy a spare part if he is getting a service from their unit, else they wont sell any of the spare parts.


Motor Bike details:

Vehicle Registration No. – UP 62 BD 8182

Model – Bullet Standard BSIV 2017


I met Mr. Anand( concerned person at the time) and called Mr. Gurashish Singh(owner of the dealership). They both denied me the required service.


Please suggest me where can I get the spare parts of Royal Enfield if not from the dealership itself.




An unhappy customer

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