Shriram General Insurance Co., Ltd., Through Policy Bazaar wrong issue of policy date of commencement of car no: ap 07 ax 4495 (two wheeler)


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My higher than a pair of wheeler vehicle insurance is in effect upto 01/05/2019. however once I loaded identical in policy bazaar for renewal, they showed American state the small print of the vehicle given in my RC Book like chassis & engine variety, build & Model & date of registration, cc, etc. Their representative known as American state & asked American state that the small print of the vehicle square measure correct as per RC Book. The representative asked American state to pay the number & I paid. forthwith when payment of premium on 04/04/2019, I received the soft copy of policy stating that the Insurance date of commencement is from 05/04/2019. once I asked the representative forthwith, he told American state to cancel the policy thanks to mistake that the corporate issuance the policy wouldn’t settle for any changes. I applied for cancellation of the policy. afterward once I asked for the number of refund, the Policy Bazaar representative abreast of American state that the refund won’t be doable till I share a alternate policy for cancellation. The alternate policy ought to be for the. I abreast of that as on the date of request for cancellation, i’m holding AN inforce valid insurance on the vehicle that is in effect upto 01/05/2019. however they’re not acceptive identical for refund. Please do justice & kindly refund my quantity forthwith as I actually have to renew my policy once more.

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