Skoda Asian country grievance against the operating of m/s avatar motors, jalandhar by adopting inconvenience, discomfort to the purchasers. Hit and take a look at methodology, resulting


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I, Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal a far-famed businessmen of Hoshiarpur handling construction works of the geographic region State & Central Government departments will educate your workplace concerning the operating of your dealer particularly M/s avatar Motors, Jalandhar as under:-

That initial of all i’ll inform you that i’m user of Skoda BMW cars since last fifteen years ( which can be confirmed from your record) and before this I had ne’er raised any grievance to the corporate.
That regrettably now I purchased a Skoda Spurb automobile having registration No. PB-07 AN2000 that met a road accident on twenty nine.03.2017. The vehicle was right away carted to the station of M/s avatar Motors, Jalandhar. Since this vehicle is insured by Bharti Axa General Insurance Co. Ltd. beneath dep cap policy per se a duplicate of the Insurance cowl was conjointly provided to the dealer for necessary.
That once the review of the broken automobile we tend to got to know by the station employees that additionally to some repair/changes the vehicle might also be requiring some elements geared box however which will solely finalized once the vehicle is road ready. after we tend to were once more given to know that some elements geared box were conjointly needed to get replaced.
That once the repair M/s avatar Motors, Jalandhar raised their bill of concerning Rs. 4.83 lacs to the underwriter that was cleared for Rs. 4, 70, 277/-. consequently the dealer up on US that we should always take the delivery of automobile from workshop.
That at the time of delivery we tend to noticed  that automobile was effervescent, once identified the station employees they suggested US to require the delivery of the vehicle and to drive terribly cautiously and slowly for 10-15 days so to re report back to them for additional repairs. The proposal of the station employees was right-side-up by US on the plea that beneath such conditions we tend to cannot take the delivery which can result the loss of lifetime of person driving vehicle on the highways.
That thenceforth nearly on every and each day my son visits the premises of M/s avatar Motors, Jalandhar to enquire concerning the position of car however nothing positive is being provided to him. it’s pertinent to feature here that at station on such a large amount of occasions even no chair is obtainable to my son visiting the station to enquire the position of car and he had to face for hour and 2.
That on 26.05.2017 I visited the premises of M/s avatar Motors, Jalandhar to enquire concerning the position of my vehicle. station incharge Mr. Madan was aforesaid to air leave, once contacted on phone he replied during a rough tune. but the Second in command of the station provided Maine a supplementary estimate for concerning Rs. 75, 000/-. it’s value to put on record that whereas discussing constant he was once more test hit and take a look at policy as he aforesaid let we modify 2 wheel guards from that it’s clear that he’s still unsure concerning the precise fault of the vehicle. a duplicate of the estimate as provided to Maine is connected. thenceforth I Mainet the Deputy top dog of the dealer United Nations agency assured me that he can take another in the future to arranged the matter, and just in case want be he can discuss the matter with Mr. Aashish Gupta owner of the station and type out the matter being Janus-faced by US.
That on the morning twenty seventh could, 2017 I actually have received associate alternative decision from Mr. Madan that I shall get the revised estimate passed from the underwriter so he could take the repair add hand.
That as on the day the amount of concerning 2 months has since move on however the vehicle remains beneath repair. I actually have fastened the wedding of my son and that i am in want a vehicle desperately.

Sir, you’re requested to kindly return to my rescue and

pass on necessary orders to M/s avatar Motors, Jalandhar to repair my automobile and hand constant to Maine while not additional loss of your time since the automobile is insured beneath dep cap policy the quantity be claimed from the underwriter.

Thanking you and awaiting immediate response from

your end, we remain,


Yours really,

Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal

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