Spidigo Net Pvt Ltd. – Broadband Not working


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


I have called up spidigo call centre on following dates

8 July – 17070 5889
4 July – 17061 5558
27 June – 17061 5064
26 June – 17061 4131
24 June – 17061 2921
16 June – 17060 7942
06 June – 17060 2639
02 June – 17060 0554
01 June – 17060 0351


In just 38 days 9 complaints and still today also my net connection is down.


The standard reply I get is in 48hours you will get call from technical department and if still the problem persists engineer visit your place.


Technical department has only one solution “close the switch and after 10-15 minutes start the switch of router” and it starts, which makes one suspicious of the problem.


Engineer had come and said everything is working as per his last visit, which means the problem doesnot exist but it is deliberately created by disconnecting a user the moment download starts


If the organisation is not able yo bear the expenses of unlimited data plans it should stop offering them to customers.


Still awaiting the solution to my problem, haven’t heard from their technical teac as yet.

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