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We have purchase a holiday package in the name of Mrs. Swati Kakade in 2014 from MG road office Pune and did the payment through card HDFC Rs. 35, 000+3800(EMI charges). we were being told that offer going on now with 0% EMI. While paying it doesnt converted to 0% they said will pay the difference by chq. We went to there office after couple months to show the CC statement the office was closed.


Called them they said come to our resort which was far away from the town in weird place where the access is very difficult. however made and went there after 6 months when we had our own vessel. Meet there Mr. Kunal showed him statement he said send the email it will done and send chq to your address but It never came.


We even tried book through it for Goa/kerla but there prices were way higher than I personally called and check with the hotels/ other online service provider like yatra the price was almost half what they were giving us.


Now I wanted to cancel my membership and I want my money back. I am trying to get in touch with Mr. Kunal from customer service for my membership cancellation but he is not responding on customer care no and there is no way I can speak to your senior management.


The management is not serious and their local office is also closed. I want there management to refund full amount as you have faultered on your promises and fool and cheat the innocent customer

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