Sri Chakra Associates, Thirumangalam, Chennai fraud loan agency / syndicate


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


Please watch out for this fraud loan agency / syndicate in operation out of lavish residential building in thirumangalam close to Pakistani monetary unit nagar.


They initial kindle quarterly interest quantity of total loan quantity with a pretend promise to pay your loan once three days however truly they create you endure your cash…



Dear all,


I saw an ad in times of Asian nation, Chennai edition newspaper on twenty second Feb 2019 given by sri chakra associates advertising that they supply loans higher than 1crore supported collateral. Also, they need provided their number in it, thus i referred to as and spoke to mrs. Tulasi and asked regarding the loan procedures and he or she briefed American state regarding the complete loan method.


And i asked her one specific question whether or not am i presupposed to pay any direct cash before the loan disbursal, she out justifiedly rejected that and secure that not even one subunit required to be paid before the loan disbursal and aforementioned it’ll lean strictly on the premise of your itr & collateral property.


Then i visited their workplace on a scheduled  date to submit my documents. i used to be created to attend for quite a pair of hours and so i met mrs. Tulasi, she simply collected solely my aadhar & pan and not fascinated by viewing my itr or bank statements or collateral documents or property valuation reports or judgment. She then told American state you may have

To our director finance World Health Organization can check regarding the loan eligibility… Then i met him and there he way even trouble to appear at my crucial documents and began increase regarding his boss that they did loans for higher than rs.300 crores to their purchasers and suggested American state to barter the interest rates, noted down my loan quantity requested by American state and also the property worth that i aforementioned orally.


Then he took American state to his chairman, he took my business background intro then started dictating his director what area unit all the items to be checked before emotional the funds and at last unconcealed his cheating tricks that we’d like to initial pay our interest quantity of the first quarter of the full loan quantity to prove our money capability and once three days, they’ll pay the loan.


There they were exposed red two-handed, why would they have to require the interest quantity prior to if the loan was supported itr & collateral… Why cannot they are doing it like banks & nbfcs…? It’s clearly evident from this, it is a fraud loan agency desperate to loot public cash within the name of sanctionative loan… they only misusing the people’s desperate wants for fund necessities to realize their ulterior motives… Luckily, i ne’er fell for his or her entice.


Beware & report and build them buy this..

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