Sterling Holiday Resorts — Taken membership advance as deposit and not refunded


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My name darshan shah and wife seema shah, attend their business promotional program in bluehill hotel bhavnagar on 5th of october 2016, 5 month back, they suggest holiday membership plan in their company for 25 years, in 300000/- and told that if you register today they will give 100000/- discount. It means the said plan will cost me 200000/-. At the same time i have to pay minimum 5000/- to enroll my registration. They ensure me that if i will not comfortable with this plan i will exit at any time before final payment, i made trust on them and paid 5000/- as enrollment deposit. They allow me to pay balance amount in 20 days that on 25/11/2016. But i was enable to pay their amount, and i told them that i want to cancelled my registration with them, and please refund my money rs. 5000/-, but they refused me to refund the deposit amount and they fours me pay full amount of plan that is rs.195000/- first and after that they will refund my full amount.

I and my wife request many time to their employee mr. Sumeet shah, but every time he refuse to refund our money, and now a day he started abusing words with me and my wife. What should i do know. I here that today is consumer forum day, and i also got sms from department as will.

I need help from the department, waiting for your feverable reply.

Darshan shah

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