Sterling Holidays Resorts — not refunding the membership


Please briefly explain why you feel this question should be reported .


There was this guy named Jeeshan has come to me for this sterling holidays, he provided half information regarding the membership and sold us the membership, when the the representative of sterling holidays called us to confirm and explain the terms and condition that time there was other information given, because of this differences in terms and condition, so i requested them to return the membership fees.

After that Jeeshan had called me and spoke to me very rudely, which made my mind confirm to withdraw the membership, (i have the recording of the conversation with Jeeshan with me, if require let me know).


But till now no one is responded to me.


I had a word with Mrs Dimple( who had called from Chennai office, and i have mailed her also, she said that your refund is under process and they will be getting in touch with me, but no one has respond.


I tried calling the mumbai office also, who had send Mr Jeeshan to me, (Mumbai , but they also put my call on hold.

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