Sterling Holidays Resorts — pathetic service in name only of membership


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My membership no is 1229782.

I have taken membership two years back and from then until currently my expertise has been ugly.

My initial visit was in daman wherever i used to be given guest area inspite of the very fact that studio area was offered. the explanation explicit  by your team was that they weren’t aware it absolutely was set-aside for members although mail was sent for a booking to sterling purposeful box and your system had not updated the name of co-owner rushit monarch United Nations agency was motion.

My next visit was in province. The welcome was smart however there’s no infrastructure for amenities at resort and everything was below construction. I had clearly mentioned that excretory organ patient is motion however still they gave rooms on second floor and such an enormous resort had no lifts. thus my male parent had to climb two floors everytime.

And presently I actually have bump into my third awful expertise. At the time of taking membership your reputable sales person vishal salins United Nations agency is thus smart in talking and lying to customers that currently I actually have fallen during this pit.

I had taken this membership as a result of i used to be offered two weeks international keep free in rci and that i wished to use it for my honeymoon purpose.

By international, anybody would presume that there’ll be booking in most of the countries round the world.

But last weekend after I attended rci truthful in urban center i used to be afraid.

I was told i’m a part of complimentary cluster thus i’m not eligible for places wherever they need paid basis.

So this manner seventy fifth of resorts over the planet don’t seem to be offered to Maine.

Then i asked Mr kamil Muhammad, rci sales person concerning your resorts in Dubai, new Zealand, australia, mauritius, maldives, singapore, bangkok, london, seychelles, hawaii, bora bora and plenty of places you simply name all these places there aren’t any rci resorts offered

So once the exclusion from paid criteria and places wherever rci has no resorts, he has given Maine only 1 possibility in Italy for a keep of every week in month of Dec.

So out of sterling proclaiming “international keep free” within the connected mail at time of taking membership, you’re simply giving Maine one stupid keep in Italy which too resort has poor rating.

This is utterly making an attempt to fool customers with false guarantees at the time of membership.

I keep in mind Mr vishal had told Maine at time of taking membership that from rci i will build booking in Dubai, umeid bhavan, orange county etc. however after I am requesting such availableness in rci they’re telling Maine it isn’t offered without charge section.

Why the hell then you tell in initial place that you simply will choose keep there? solely to cheat shoppers and build them your members?

I want refund of my a reimbursement. i’m not keen to be related to sterling. This has been the nightmare on behalf of me.

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